Hi guys I really do need an advice from you. Recently I’ve found out that my girlfriend is working in an escorts company. So what do you recommend me.
This is the history.
I live in the down town of houston where my girl and I owns an apartment. I really love this girl and I wish she become some day in my wife and my kid’s mom but happen that Now I not even know if I want to keep my relation with her.
Last week while I was surfing on internet I saw a picture that caught my atenttion because the girl on it really looked like my girlfriend the pic was promoting a Houston Escorts services online. Following the links on the page I landed in a site that seem to promote some prominent ladys on this bussiness not only in houston. Well I keep surfing inside the site a watching the hotties there till there it is she was one of the girls in that site and there is no doubt cause since then I started to follow her and she arrive to a house that is like a brothel that has a sign outside “Houston Escorts Services” so now I’m 100% sure that she is kind of cheating me and you may think but then what else this guy Need?

Sorry guys but as I said before I’m deeply in love with my girlfriend and If I broke with her I am hundred percent sure I will suffer a lot and might be if I talk with her about it she understand and quit doing that job although I think she earns well so please help me out to make a desition so here are my two question.
1- Should I broke up with her?
2-Should I speak with her and request her to quit her Job in Houston Escorts services ?

Thanks in advance to all of those who take the time to comment this blog.

The Kiss Team

When I was a kid, my neighbour invited me to play the doctor. She kissed me, but it was a dissaster she said, I had to learn to kiss. And that was a hard task for a lonely girl, so… she invited her friends, and one by one they started to practice kissing with me. All days, after school, it was mandatory going to her house, and practice of course. My dad used to thought in me in the future as a big lover, having a lot of women, and satisfaying all of them. But my neighbour friends started to bring her neighbours too. One of them seems to kiss incredibly good. All the girls wanted to practice with him instead of me, or the others. She had a lot of videogames, so we, the unwanted, started to play games while the girls practice with that guy. It was very good, and we get a lot of skills, not in kissing, but in videogames. We called ourselves as The Kiss Team, and we won some tournaments in town. Oviously, in High School we were in the nerds group. We dont understand about atoms and quantum physics, but we understand about videogames. Later we started to make money with games, and things get better. But there was a thing missing: girls and sex. With the first dollars we payd some hookers, good ones. They bill for time, so, the more time you want, the more you have to pay, and no disscounts for a bad service. We were all singles, and gamers, what about taking the sex with girls as a game, search the web for tips, and write the score? Seems like a good idea, without any success at the beggining, until we reach this site. It was not that easy because we adapted our minds to games instead of human beings, so we had a lot of psychology to read, and about what women wants in bed. After a few months we added some points to the score. Since then the score increases a lot, and it increases faster and faster. I think our kisses get improved too, we need the girls at the kiss club to check it. I will write again after the checking.

Renewable Energy

There are a lot of Renewable Energy Projects like: Solar Energy, Wind Power, Biomass, Hydropower, Synfuels, Geothermal Energy, etc. You know, we need power to sustain the Internet, so you can use for example.
Lets talk about Hydropower, I mean the electricity production using water flows, like hydroelectric dams, tidal power and waves power. The most common ones are the hydroelectric dams, like the Hoover Dam you saw in Superman I and Transformers I. The three biggest Hydroelectric Dams are the Three Gorges Dam in China, Itaipu Dam in Brazil-Paraguay and Guri Dam in Venezuela. All producing more than 10 GW. Hydroelectric power is relatively cheap, and produces no direct waste. The only environmental problem is the ecosystem alteration, submerging large areas, creating a big lagoon.
Tidal Power means the energy production using ocean tides to create electricity. Tides depends on the moon gravity, moon orbit, earth rotation and the sun, so it is constant, predictable and renewable. The potential depends on the tidal variation and the tidal current velocity. There are three methods of generating Tidal power: a Tidal Stream Generator, a Tidal Barrage and the never tested yet Dynamic Tidal Power.
The Tidal Stream Generator is very similar to Wind Generators like the SeaGen, it uses the Kinetic energy of moving water. We can build this kind of generators using actual bridges structures.
Tidal Barrages are similar to hydroelectric dams, but they uses the tides water flows to move large turbines to create electric power.
The Dynamic Tidal Power is the use of very long dams perpendicular to the coast and a barrier at the end, forming a big T, without enclosing areas. It uses bi-directional turbines to produce electric power. There is no way to test it in small scale, it can only work using dams from 30km or bigger.
Waves Power is the energy generation using the sea or ocean waves created by the wind. There is a lot of ways to capture the waves energy. portugal is the first country using this technology, in its Agucadoura Wave Farm, the world’s first wave farm. It produced 2.25 MW when working, but it is not working right now.
Next time we can talk about Biomass, and the so called biofuels, like ethamol, ethanol and methane.